Jun. 11th, 2010

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  • 07:06 @Jamesbedell yup! #
  • 07:16 @damnedgoodesign I'll sit over here not sayin' a word. ;-) #
  • 08:03 Bad marketing decision! The brand is built, now kill it? GM bans the use of Chevy in favor of Chevrolet nyti.ms/dfag8F #
  • 08:10 @DustyOverby yep a quarter each infraction (in article at the end) #
  • 08:12 @threefourteen The public came up with Chevy since it is easier to say, & we all love to shorten names into nicknames. Lawrence ->Larry etc #
  • 08:16 Yes. See next tweet RT: @threefourteen: I'm seeing more contract pos. in architecture- firms wanting revit exp w/o overhead. new norm? #
  • 08:17 contract positions are great for production positions, bad for developing future leaders & rainmakers. Short term gain; long term loss #
  • 08:46 @threefourteen but why should they turn full time, when they are not paying for overhead? #
  • 10:39 RT: @matthewdevries: Cost v. LEED Certification Debate Continues: One County Finds Middle Ground: bit.ly/9OJRia #
  • 13:36 @damnedgoodesign I'll just say that a love for sharp things & having zero tolerance for BS from others tends to generate front page news #
  • 13:41 RT: @kurtislouis: Can't believe that I just figured out @tnrkitect stands for "Tennessee Architect" (sound it out). It's almost TOO clever! #
  • 13:41 @kurtislouis yup! Sorry I'm all out of prizes and you are too far away for a cookie! lol! #
  • 13:57 @kurtislouis It's ok... You did better than most. There are many who never do figure it out without help. #
  • 15:37 @GinnyPowell No one can afford to attend except FL AIA members, who's attendance was paid for as part of their yearly dues. :-( #
  • 16:30 RT @BPGlobalPR: DO NOT ask your reps to support Clean Energy. Buying their votes back will take a lot of money away from the cleanup effort. #
  • 16:39 Sitting on the couch w/ window open listening to the storm roll in Made it home before it hit Yes, I did have the top down, why do you ask? #
  • 17:55 @architectderek Just DLed the proposal to give it a read. Looks good so far! #
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