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We have accomplished:

- A trip to the Habitat for Humanity Thrift store, where we picked up some lamps and stuff
- A trip to Wal-mart to replenish the larder, and pick up some stuff to help get the LeBaron cleam.
- A trip to Lowes ostensibly to get some tomato plants. The attempts to start plants from seed in the house didn't go so well. I think we keep the house too cold.

HOWEVER, the garden center at Lowes was VERY BAD.

They had not only the Beefsteak and Bonnie tomatoes in 1/2 gal pots but they had semi-dwarf cherry trees in 5 gal pots.

We have been planning on getting some cherry trees since both Jessica and I love them, and well, they had some Bing cherries and some Tartarian cherries.

We already knew where we would plant them, namely in the side yard between our house and the next door neighbors. This is about the only place left in our yard that still gets full sun for a good portion of the day. We had room for 3 trees in one row at a roughly 10 foot spacing.

Since cherries require two varieties in close proximity to allow for cross-pollination, we picked up two Bings and one Tartarian.

Now, getting the trees (and the rest of the plants) home was an adventure in itself.

As you may recall, I sold the truck a few weeks ago. Now, I still have not had the chance to get a trailer hitch put on the car yet, so using my utility trailer was out.

Have I mentioned that it has been raining pretty constantly the last day or so? And that the trees were about 4-5 feet tall?

We were were very lucky though.

The rain cleared out for the rest of the day, right as we finished paying for everything.

So, we drop the top, put the trees in the back seat, and head home.

Then we put them into the ground, along with the tomatoes. And planted a few more radishes and cucumbers from seeds.

Oh, and pulled weeds.

We should be able to pick our first fruit in about 3 years.

Can't wait!

Date: 2009-05-03 03:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'd love to see pictures of the yard as everything gets settled. I'm sure it will be lovely.



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