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The town of Kent, Connecticut has issued an interesting RFP for the renovation and expansion of the Kent Memorial Library.

Although our firm is licensed to practice in Connecticut, the RFP specifically states a preference for firms located within 150 miles of Kent, and since Knoxville is 795 miles from Kent, we have decided to pass on putting something together on this.

However, I am very intrigued by the RFP, so I will share it with you in the chance that you can do something with it.

The existing library resides in a two story, 1,100 s.f. building built in 1922 with later additions that expand it to approximately 6,000 s.f. It sits on a lot of approximately 21,640 s.f. They also own a recently vacated firehouse of approximately 3,800 s.f. on this property.

The program calls for an expansion of the library to 14,000 s.f. with the stipulation that the original building must be renovated. The later additions and the firehouse can be renovated or demolished as required by the submitted design.

The library also has an yearly outdoor book sale which requires 1,200 linear feet of table space which operates from Memorial Day through October and provides a significant annual revenue stream. Any design must include display space for this activity.

The library sits within the Kent Historic Village District, and therefore any design must receive their architectural review board approval as well as normal planning and zoning regulations.

The design proposals must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM on November 1, 2009.

The RFP can be found at the above link, and judging by the images found on the library association and town's website, it is a chance for an architect to show off his/her ability to pull off a major expansion that meets the library's modern needs yet complements the historical context of it's locale. They are requesting proof of sustainable design experience, so throw that into the mix as well.

If you are within the preferred radius of Kent for submissions, check it out!


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