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So in lieu of thoughtful content with insightful commentary, I give you a link dump:

Destruction of Home Quality

A good article from someone that builds Residential for a living about why Homebuilders go with "Cheap" and skimp on design. Strong words that might offend some in the industry, but the truth often hurts.

Hey, you, Solar Company! Shove it: The Solar Tipping Point

An industry insider gives 10 points to illustrate how the industry of Solar is close to mainstream acceptance, and implores his collegues in the industry to help nudge it over the edge.


How Will Utilities Make Money as PV Continues to Grow?

Mike Taylor, the Director of Research and Education for the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) answers a reader's question: "I assume my utility isn't happy about my PV system -- I'm buying less electricity! What happens when 10% of their customers have PV? What about 25%?" One of the obstacles to widespread solar use is the reduced income that power companies receive. Less money = more opposition.


20 Tips for Navigating a Networking Event

This blog article is aimed at those attending a networking event in search of employment, however the tips also apply regardless of what you hope to gain from the event.


Free Green - Tiny House Plans

Free Green is a repository for open source, architect designed "green" house plans with 3-D renderings to help people visualize what a floorplan will actually look like built, with plans being offered for a nominal fee or for free through the use of vendor sponsorships utilizing paid product placement within the plans. All homes are designed to perform 30% to 50% better than prescriptive building code energy performance, and for every product that is specified into a FreeGreen plan they show and describe that product's performance from various perspectives including their point ratings in the LEED-H, and (once released) NABH Green Building standards.


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