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We have accomplished:

- A trip to the Habitat for Humanity Thrift store, where we picked up some lamps and stuff
- A trip to Wal-mart to replenish the larder, and pick up some stuff to help get the LeBaron cleam.
- A trip to Lowes ostensibly to get some tomato plants. The attempts to start plants from seed in the house didn't go so well. I think we keep the house too cold.

HOWEVER, the garden center at Lowes was VERY BAD.

They had not only the Beefsteak and Bonnie tomatoes in 1/2 gal pots but they had semi-dwarf cherry trees in 5 gal pots.

We have been planning on getting some cherry trees since both Jessica and I love them, and well, they had some Bing cherries and some Tartarian cherries.

We already knew where we would plant them, namely in the side yard between our house and the next door neighbors. This is about the only place left in our yard that still gets full sun for a good portion of the day. We had room for 3 trees in one row at a roughly 10 foot spacing.

Since cherries require two varieties in close proximity to allow for cross-pollination, we picked up two Bings and one Tartarian.

Now, getting the trees (and the rest of the plants) home was an adventure in itself.

As you may recall, I sold the truck a few weeks ago. Now, I still have not had the chance to get a trailer hitch put on the car yet, so using my utility trailer was out.

Have I mentioned that it has been raining pretty constantly the last day or so? And that the trees were about 4-5 feet tall?

We were were very lucky though.

The rain cleared out for the rest of the day, right as we finished paying for everything.

So, we drop the top, put the trees in the back seat, and head home.

Then we put them into the ground, along with the tomatoes. And planted a few more radishes and cucumbers from seeds.

Oh, and pulled weeds.

We should be able to pick our first fruit in about 3 years.

Can't wait!
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Last Friday I took the second exam of the seven required for architectural licensure. This one was on Site design, and I feel pretty good about it. However I will not know for certain until the results arrive in 3-6 weeks. I have the remaining 5 test scheduled and paid for, with my last test scheduled for Monday June 15th.

Assuming that I pass them all, this should result in being granted a license by the State of TN at their August board meeting. :-)

The rest of the weekend was spent dealing with garden stuff.

Jessica and I have planned a small veggie garden for the only sunny spot in our back yard. We spent Saturday going around to the local garden centers in search of seeds and advice. We figure that, where possible, it is better to buy locally, as the local centers will be selling varieties that will do well in this specific area. We still put in a good sized order with some of the seed / plant catalogs, but we purchased most from locals.

We are planning on growing spinach, two types of tomatoes (cherry and a larger type), green onions, garlic, cucumbers, okra, strawberries, some Gray Sugar Bush Peas (the garden center was out of sugar snap peas, and recommended these as being comparable), and we are putting in some asparagus, blackberries and raspberries, knowing that the asparagus will not be harvestable until next year at the earliest, and the berries will produce better next year.

We decided against going with raised beds this year, as I did not have the time to build the frames due to studying, so instead we are going with an in ground garden. We are locating the beds in the same place as we will have raised beds in the future, so this years garden will only help make next year's even better. We also obtained a truck load of compost from a local landscaping company, which we plan on tilling into the beds when we prep them.

Unfortunately, our plans to till them yesterday were stymied by the tiller. We were given a very good craftsman tiller by her parents. Unfortunately, the gas tank and carburetor has old gas in it that had soured, or gone skunky. I cleaned the gas tank, replaced the fuel line, and attempted to clean the carb. Sadly, the carb was shellacked and corroded enough that it refused to work, so I had to buy a new carb for it off the web. It should arrive this week, and will be simple to install, so I will be able to till the beds next weekend.

While I was fighting with the tiller, Jessica was busy getting some of the seeds started in so we can transplant seedlings in a few weeks. Rather than spending the money on peat moss trays, we are using the center tubes from toilet paper and paper towels. We cut them into sections about 2 1/2" long, crease them so that they form a box-like shape, cut flaps in one end, and fold them together top form a bottom. Once the seedlings are ready to transplant, we will stick them in the ground, tube and all.

So, we have been busy, busy!


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