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Name:tnrkitect - Musings of an Unconventional Mind
Birthdate:Jun 17
Location:Huntsville, Alabama, United States of America
In my past professional lives, I have been a salesman, an auto mechanic, a draftsman, a security guard, a cartographer of cemeteries, and a Russian, Serbian, and Croatian Linguist whilst in the Army. I spent 3 years working as a CAD Technician, and realized that I had found my calling in life, Architecture. However, I wanted to be on the otherside of the desk, so I sold the house and went back to school.

Now, after having spent 6 years of my life earning a Bachelors of Architecture, and 2 1/2 years as an Intern Architect, I am licensed as an Architect in Tennessee and have my NCARB certificate allowing me to easily gain licensure in other jurisdictions in the US. Although I only received my architectural license in 2009, I have over ten years in the industry.

I currently work for the US Army Corp of Engineers at the Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville. The contents of this blog are my personal ideas and observations, and do NOT reflect the views of my employer, the US Army, or the US Government.

I am a LEED-AP with a strong interest in sustainable design, traditional neighborhood development, restoration / renovation of old buildings and houses (I live in a 1920's cottage), model trains, and living a Simple Life.

For those that have asked, I am from Tennessee and always will be, regardless of what state I am currently residing, hence the TN in my name.

If you are here for my energy essays go here:

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