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I jsut got back from taking Jessica to get some supplies for her stuff she makes and sells in store:Old Fashioned, But Good.

This morning, I took my 3rd ARE. I thought I was taking and had studied for Building Systems. However when I sat down to take the test, up pops Building Design & Construction Systems.

Not. The. Same. Thing.

It was too late to reschedule, so as I had already paid the $170 for it, I went ahead and took it.

It wasn't that bad.

In fact, I think I did pretty well, considering that there were only about 6-8 questions out of 95 multiple choice that I was not sure about, and only 4 of those I had no clue on.

The graphics portion was a bit more "fun".

I was prepared to design a combination reflected ceiling plan, lighting plan, and HVAC plan.

Instead, I had to design: A handicap ramp and stair, a stair with intermediate landing, and a roof plan. Unfortunately, I think I may have misunderstood the programmatic requirements for the stair, and might not have shown the handicapped area of refuge properly. We shall see. :-/

Oh well.

Next up is Construction Documents and Services, in 3 weeks on April 17th.

And I still have not received my test scores from the first one yet.

Tomorrow, Jessica and I are doing a day trip to Alabama to pick up a new (to us at least) car. my sister [ profile] keesa_renee has a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible that has been sitting since before she went to Peru as a missionary. It had some engine issues, in that it was leaking about a quart of oil every 30 minutes it ran. The body and interior are in good shape, and it has low miles for a 18 year old car with the odometer only showing 138,000. So I bought it from her for $500 and had it towed to the closest Chrysler dealership to get it checked out and repaired.

I decided to send it there because the repair work comes with a 2 year nationwide warranty (assuming that Chrysler doesn't go bankrupt). They checked it out, and it turned out to have 4 oil leaks. Front main seal, oil pan, valve covers, and oil sending unit. While they were in there, I had them replace the timing belt, and give it a complete tune up.

So now, mechanically it should be as good for another 100,000 miles, as the research shows that the 3.0l V-6 that is in the car historically lasts for 200,000-300,000 miles before needing to be rebuilt, so long as you do the maintenance and keep an eye out for and fix the oil leaks before they get too bad.

My truck, which now has 233,000 miles on it, is going up for sale. Locally, I should be able to get about $1,500 for it, even in this economy.

We decided that although it is still running well and is dependable, we don't need two vehicles. Or more specifically, we don't need two insurance premiums, and the upkeep on two vehicles, plus fuel for two vehicles.

The truck is useful as, well, a truck, especially when we need to go pick up bulky stuff. However, I have a 6' x 9' covered utility trailer, and the LeBaron with it's V-6 actually has a higher towing capacity than the 4 cylinder in my truck does.

So, I will get a trailer hitch put on the LeBaron, and will sell the truck to help pay for the repairs to the LeBaron.

Anyways, tomorrow we go and pick it up. I already have the title in my name, have bought Tennessee tags for it, and have insurance on the vehicle, so we are golden.

We will drive down in the morning in the truck, with Jessica carrying the dog, Lady, on her lap. We can't leave Lady at home the whole time because she has developed a small bladder in her old age, and we would prefer not to have to clean up a mess from our wood floors. Not to mention, she tends to get a little destructive if left alone by herself for more than half a day.

Once there we will visit for a short while, but will need to get back on the road fairly quickly, as we would prefer to get back home to Knoxville before dark.

On the drive back, Jessica will drive the car with Lady as her co-pilot, while I follow in the truck.

Unfortunately she won't be able to put the top down, as there is anywhere from a 90% chance of thunderstorms for Alabama to a 100% chance for T-storms here in Knoxville. Jessica is not amused. Especially since she hasn't really driven, except on occasion while visiting in Alabama, since we got married.

We can't stay the night though, as I have to go in and work a full day on Sunday.

I have a project that goes out on Friday, with a 100% checkset due on Monday. I have about 10% of it completed. :-(

So, Sunday, I work.

Next week, I have 1/2 a day off on Friday, as Jessica and I have dentist appointments that morning. Even though we have dental insurance, it only covers most of the costs, and we know that we both need a good bit of work done.

But, it is better to get it done now while we have insurance, than wait until we have no choice and take a chance on not having any. With the economy the way it is, employment is not guaranteed.

Fortunately, my firm is doing OK, for now. There was a stockholder "state of the company" meeting earlier this week. Although we are not doing well enough for everyone to get their 10% pay cut back, we ARE doing well enough to not have to undergo any more layoffs.

The Housing Authorities are keeping us afloat and hopping, as they spend their stimulus money.

So, busy, busy, busy!

And new wheels!

Date: 2009-03-27 09:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I thought I was taking and had studied for Building Systems. However when I sat down to take the test, up pops Building Design & Construction Systems.

Not. The. Same. Thing.

Wow. Major pucker factor there. Good luck with that.

(Thsi is probably a sign that you need to get your head out of the books for a little while, and get some fresh air and a nap. Not that I'm one to talk, at least about the sleep part.....)

Date: 2009-03-28 01:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay new wheels! :)


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