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Today, the wife and I decided to take advantage of this AMAZING spring day that we had in TN. Lemmie tell ya, upper 60's F and Partly Cloudy is PERFECT convertible weather!

So, we loaded up the picnic basket, and took off for such exotic locals as Oak Ridge (yes, the WWII Manhattan Project one), Oliver Springs (Where the movie October Sky was filmed), Coal field (self explanatory, really), Wartburg (Guess Coalfield was not classy enough),High Point (which was the bump in the road closest to where we got stuck behind the truck painting new lines on the road), Monterey (Not the one on the Pacific Ocean. I've been to both, and there is no comparison), Algood (which was only mostly good), Cookeville (Home of Tennessee Technological University), Boiling Springs (Where we did not see any springs, nor evidence of them boiling), And Burgess Falls State Park (Which is an unknown gem of a place).

At Burgess Falls,( ) we had our picnic next to the roar of the rapids above the upper falls. Note, I said upper falls. There are actually 3 sets of falls and one cascade, falling a total of 225 ft in less than a mile. The first drop is at Falling Water Cascades, a drop of about 10 feet, the second drop is at Little Falls which is not to shabby at about 30 feet high, and the third drop is at Middle Falls which is 80 feet high, then the last is Burgess Falls at 136 ft.

They are on the Falling Water River, and from the park's parking lot, there is a trail along the gorge to go see them. It is only about 3/4 of a mile long, but it is a fairly strenuous, (for someone out of shape *cough*) but gorgeous hike. There are a lot of roots across the trail, as well as steps in the trail. There are a few bridges that cross small creeks that flow down to the river across series of moss encrusted cascades, as well as two overlooks giving you a prime vantage point above both Middle Falls and Burgess Falls.
At Burgess Falls there is also a very steep trail down to the head of the falls, and for the truly brave, a metal stair from the head of the falls down to the base of the stairs along the edge of the gorge. At one point, it is caged over to provide protection from potential falling rocks.

Admission is free, and it is only a short drive from the interstate. I highly recommend a visit if you get the chance!

By the time we were done at the falls, it was almost dark, so we decided to put the top up and take the interstate back home to Knoxville.

Now we are both exhausted from the sun, tired from the hike, and achy from the car ride, so it is time to get a shower and head to bed.


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