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Work is beginning to get less stressful now as I get more used to the way the Corps does things. In the intervening 11 years since I was last in uniform, I had forgotten just how much PAPERWORK the Army requires to do ANYTHING! lol!

I did a bit of musing on Twitter earlier this evening, and realized that many might get confused when I start talking about clients.

In the Corps of Engineers, we do work for Installations from all parts of the government, not just the Army. The program I work on has "clients" that are from the Air Force, the Army Reserve, the Navy, the Coast Guard, the Defense Logistics Agency, the National Guard, Army Materiel Command, and of course, the Corps of Engineers and the different Army posts world wide.

Speaking of the work I do, I also realized and tweeted about the fact that, even though the job that I do is not dirty, and therefore will never garner me a visit from Mike Rowe of Discovery's Dirty Jobs fame (I am sad about this), it is nonetheless important. My job is to help our clients discover ways to save money by reducing their energy usage. This not only allows commanders to spend more of their budgets on the soldiers, it also saves the taxpayer dollars.

We help our clients be more fiscally responsible by reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency.

(Of course, the majority of the efficiency measures we discover in the next few months will most likely not "break ground" until fiscal year 2013... 2012 if we are VERY lucky)

So yeah, it is not architecture, but the new job actually let me make a DIFFERENCE.  Feels kinda nice, you know?
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