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Well, I am sitting in my mostly empty house here in Huntsville, AL. By mostly empty I mean that I have:

- 1 card table
- 1 folding chair
- 1 folding 16" x 30" side table
- 1 laptop stand
- 1 air mattress
- 1 fitted sheet
- 1 non-fitted sheet
- 1 16" sq. throw pillow
- 1 plate
- 1 bowl
- 1 butter knife
- 1 steak knife
- 1 fork
- 1 spoon
- 1 skillet
- 1 small pot
- 1 large pot
- 1 tumbler glass
- 1 pizza pan
- 1 computer
- 1 shower curtain
plus toiletries, and enough clothes and food to last me the week.

It's a bit lonely being here without Jessica, but I am headed back to Knoxville this weekend and she will be down shortly thereafter with our cat Annie. :-)

I am enjoying the new job so far, trying to digest a LOT of information. The Army does things quite differently from private A & E firms, and I am doing a LOT of reading trying to get familiar with it. This is aided by the fact that I do not have computer access at work yet. Why you might ask? Well, I do not have my Civilian Employee ID Card yet, and the computer uses a card reader and the ID to allow me to log on.

I have been issued a crackberry Blackberry Bold 9700, and have already been informed of when my first trip will be. I get to go to the DC area September 13th through 15th to observe and help with a Level Zero Energy Engineering Analysis Program (EEAP) survey at three bases in the area: Ft. Myer, Ft. McNair, and Ft. Meade.

They have also asked if I had my passport yet, but just for general knowledge, since they have no need to send me overseas, ...yet.

Anyways, I am looking forward to learning the new job, especially since we will be identifying problems then recommending their solutions in a structured plan to make the buildings on the bases in the Army more energy efficient,thereby helping the Army be better stewards of the monies allocated to them by Congress for building construction and maintenance. It will help the Army obtain energy independence, and reduce the government's dependence on foreign oil.

It's funny,the Army not only acknowledges peak oil, but is actively doing something to try and mitigate it's effects on their operations. Too bad the rest of the government is not as forward thinking.


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