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I have now been at the new job for 3 weeks, and am just now starting to actually do any work relating to my job. LOL! It has been a seemingly endless procession of "you can't have access to this until you take this class" or "these are the 20 some odd mandatory classes you have to take as a new hire"

Anyways, today, I booked the flight, hotel and rental car for my first trip with the Corps. I will be flying to, of all places, Ft Riley, KS, where I was stationed while on active due back in the mid 90's.

It's funny, but the last time I was there, I was a lowly E-4 Specialist in rank. Now, I will be going back as a GS-13 civilian, which is considered equivalent in rank / duties to a Major. A slight improvement, no? :-)

I will be going along to act as the EEAP team representative when we debrief the post Director of Public Works and his staff on the results of the EEAP survey. What is EEAP? Glad you asked!

Energy Engineering Analysis Program — EEAP analyzes energy usage at installations and provides options for reducing energy consumption. Working with our partners, we completed energy surveys at eight Army installations in FY 2009. Since the program began in 2006, we have completed 24 surveys identifying approximately 2,204 potential energy saving projects when implemented; potentially saving the government $116 million per year in energy costs if implemented. (Note: the above figures do not include the projects completed in FY10, which ends September 30th, 2010) EEAP leverages expertise and capabilities of USACE and Department of Energy labs and other organizations.

This effort includes:
1. energy consumption assessments for selected facilities/installations,
2. evaluation, identification and recommendations of implementation options for energy conservation projects,
3. overseeing implementation of selected options,
4. assistance in sustaining local energy programs,
5. providing energy-related training, and
6. water conservation and waste water treatment.

My position with the Corps is as a Project Manager in charge of doing EEAP surveys for our "clients", army installations worldwide.

I will put together the team that surveys the installation, manage the creation of the report the team generates, debrief the installation personnel on the findings in the report, and most importantly, generate the DD form 1391's which are the Army's official means of determining what is worth being built.

The Corps explains it as such: "A DD Form 1391 is a construction project programming document used to scope, estimate, and justify all types of construction (MCA, OMA, NAF, etc.)"

Basically, the 1391 is a document that describes the potential project in a fair amount of detail, which when complete is ready to have the project funded and put out to bid for completion. By preparing 3 1391s for the installation, we are essentially giving them 3 turn-key energy projects that they can secure funding for that will aid them to meet the Army's sustainability and more importantly energy security goals that are required by policy.

Each army installation is required by policy to reduce their overall energy costs by 2015 to 30% below the baseline year of 2003, then continue on to become net-zero by 2030.

The EEAP program gives the installations a road map on how to achieve those mandatory goals, and I will be be providing that service.

Right down my alley, no?
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