Nov. 7th, 2010 10:25 am
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Things have been going fairly well here, aside from the issue of selling the house. We have had two contracts fall through.

The first was from where the buyer's real estate agent scared them off because they didn't understand the issues of an old house. The agent felt that things should be perfect, just like it was built yesterday, and anything that wasn't perfect meant that the house was going to burn or fall down any moment.

The second unfortunately had a home inspector find mold growing in the crawlspace, and backed out as a  result. We are getting quotes for having the mold remediated, and will take care of it, but it won't happen before the closing date, so no deal. Once the quotes come in, we will get the mold taken care of, but... still.

At this point, getting to the closing table this year is looking iffy. But, I am thankful that the new job pays well enough that we can afford (barely) to rent our place down here and live, while still paying the mortgage up there. Every month that the house goes unsold is another month that we own a tiny bit more leaving less to pay off.

So, until the house is sold, the finances are still tight as (insert favorite folksy-saying here).

Be that as it may, things are settling down at work. I am getting  better grip on my job duties, and am able to therefore keep more plates spinning at one time. I am still traveling a decent bit, which is nice since I make a little extra doing so, but not so much that my wife feels that she is single again. ;-)

She and I (mostly she) are getting the new place organized. We still have a good bit of stuff packed in boxes that are making the space feel junky. Until we make good bit more progress, any guest that comes gets to sleep on the couch, if there are two, it means an air mattress in the living room floor.

Since things are settling down, I have started to think about things I want to write about here, as well as other things outside this blog that I want to do. Some of them I can do, (write here on various topics, build shelves for storage round the house), others I can't until I get more room (set up my workshop, set up a model train layout), but things are getting closer to happening.

Of the things I can do, the shelves require some outlay of funds for material, as well as dedicating the time to collect my tools from the boxes they are packed away in before I can even start building, however they are first on the priority list. The writing here will come in smaller spurts prior to this, but will be more in depth afterwards.

All in all, we are blessed, and well positioned for what I see happening in the next 2-6 years (what exactly that is will be the topic of my future posts here). However for now, I am going to take a walk around this eminently walkable neighborhood we are living in with the wife, enjoying the crisp, fall air, and getting some sunshine therapy in. :-)

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