Jul. 11th, 2010

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  • 08:32 @englandaia ouch! yes, it is good you two are cool on your own. Just pitch the tent & do more backyard camping. :-) #
  • 08:36 Belated thanks to @damnedgoodesign @318cg for the #FF yesterday. You are two of the best out here in Twitterverse too ya know! #
  • 08:52 RT: @adampknave: If I could learn to speak any language on earth I would learn English #godhelpmyeditors #
  • 08:59 RT: @bobborson: Dominion and Empathy | Life of an Architect bit.ly/c8n4Hp a bonus and rare Saturday post about dogs and little girls #
  • 10:27 Off to tackle my honey-do list for the weekend. It keeps getting longer and longer for some reason... #
  • 15:07 @318cg Enjoy Ft. Riley. I was stationed there 92-94 #
  • 15:28 @damnedgoodesign @SPACEarchitects here is the article online: bit.ly/9eleyw #
  • 16:26 RT: @damnedgoodesign: Article #2 is up #SL #secondlife searchenginewatch.com/3640932 Of Fashion and Sociology #
  • 16:33 Mosquitoes are horrid today. Just tried to carry me away. Felt like Dorothy when the flying monkeys came after her. #
  • 17:06 @englandaia I would have mentioned that rule, but I read about your baking an hour too late for it to help ;-) #
  • 19:11 @englandaia It's only 87 outside right now & falling. Open some windows! #
  • 19:18 @englandaia Our AC is working, but if you come over here we will put you to work painting. ;-) #
  • 19:23 @englandaia I suggest giving the birthday girl a visit... They are better company right now anyways. ;-) #
  • 19:23 RT: @Stranahan: The danger of legalized marijuana is that it might lead to jazz. #
  • 19:30 @englandaia He may be too young to partake, but he's not too young to enjoy the party. ;-) #
  • 19:33 @englandaia after all, mom allowed me to tag along when she went to friends, and look how I turned out... um... nevermind. ;-) #
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