Jun. 13th, 2010

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  • 06:45 I hate it when your body is so used to getting up early for work that it won't let you sleep in on a Sat morning Good thing there's coffee! #
  • 07:03 @DJBronxelf sleep well! #
  • 07:11 @seantaclaus I am animate. I will not claim awake tho. Let me drink my coffee, then ask me. #
  • 07:26 @seantaclaus yes, but we are taking advantage of being up so so early by making breakfast & hitting the yard sales. #
  • 07:28 now that I have my first cup of coffee down, time to eat a bite, then head out to the yard sales with @TheMissinThread #
  • 08:06 Ok. off to browse the yardsales while dodging the rain & stock up on cat food :-/ #
  • 11:20 @englandaia you selling? or not buying? #
  • 11:24 @happygolucky333 that hen house looks like the one @JoshDFlory just got: bit.ly/cL9apX #
  • 11:25 @dbsllc had a phone call in the middle of it, so not sure, but I'd guess maybe 3-5 min. #
  • 11:29 @jenmcclurg have you seen this yet? BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR bit.ly/cM9JnY #
  • 11:34 @englandaia FYI, if you want some great yardsales, Emoriland Blvd over here in North Knox is having a block sale. ;-) #
  • 11:56 @jenmcclurg Yep, but not hard to believe that BP was the one to do it. #
  • 12:09 @jenmcclurg They still have a chance, with the relief wells, but this does make it more difficult. #
  • 12:36 Cool! ;-) RT: @SPACEarchitects: 99 degrees outside and a cool 68 in our Grove offices. Thx geothermal wells. Thx chilling fins.#stl #
  • 16:43 Enjoying "What's Opera Doc" on @DJBronxelf 's webcast. :-) #
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