May. 21st, 2010

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  • 07:01 RT: @bobborson: Architects vs. Interior Designers: >> Let the games begin! #
  • 08:42 @jenmcclurg Rammed earth is better. Insul Conc Forms still use petroleum, and aren't really "green" #
  • 08:43 @jenmcclurg Not that I have an opinion or anything ;-) #
  • 08:57 @DustyOverby I use "Green" as denoting that insul conc forms are green washed items in my opinion. #
  • 09:09 @DustyOverby When not on twitter I try to be more specific, using energy efficient or sustainable depending on the item & what I want convey #
  • 11:53 RT: @mstewartjr: Pre-planning for Commercial Renovation: #construction #commercial #renovation Good advice! #
  • 16:59 @adampknave FYI, on the Ninja story, in paragraph over the lolcats pic, you need to change "aided" to "foiled". #justsayin #
  • 18:16 @englandaia she is alive! ;-) #
  • 20:17 Got the neatest vintage brass plaque in mail: ARCHITECT: MALCOLM B. WELLS CUTHBERT ROAD AT COOPER RIVER DELAWARE TOWNSHIP NEW JERSEY (cont) #
  • 20:19 It was made for Malcolm for his practice, & was sent to me by his grand-daughter, may he rest in peace. Thanks SOOO much @ssejsllew ! #
  • 20:21 It was for his first Underground Studio. Malcolm Wells is best known as the author of The Earth Sheltered-House #
  • 20:23 He was known as one of the fathers of sustainable architectural design, writing his 1st book about earth sheltered houses in 1964. #
  • 20:27 Sadly, I never had the chance to meet him. From what I have heard, he was a true character and a blast to be around. #
  • 20:36 It is highly appreciated, & will be kept as a reminder of what it means to follow your passion & BE an architect. Again, thanks @ssejsllew ! #
  • 21:44 Drumroll please! I'd like to introduce the newest architecture and interior design firm in Knoxville! @perspectivearch #
  • 21:50 @perspectivearch not as wide as some, but I might know one or two people. :-) #
  • 21:53 @threefourteen no blood and guts on the track = not newsworthy #
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